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Initial Contact

By phone or in-person, we will discuss the structure of your dual language immersion program, and your professional learning objectives in the short and long term.

Phase 1:

Establishing A Baseline Assessment

Following our initial contact, district and school leaders, as well as instructional coaches, will participate in one of two sessions with me: Program Creation Workshop if their program has not yet opened, or my Programmatic Review if the program has opened. This allows me to effectively assess the needs of your program and plan our next steps.

Phase 2:

Customizing Professional Learning

I will make recommendations for workshops and prioritize them. I will also advise on next steps for each teacher. Together, we will create a professional learning calendar for teachers where you can:

  •  select two Workshops for a full day of professional learning,

  • schedule Teacher Coaching for a full day,

  • or combine a workshop with teacher coaching in one day.

I work with each client for a minimum of three days of professional learning a year.

Phase 3:

Building Capacity

I can provide further support by tailoring curricula to your needs and creating a Teacher Handbook for your school or district. Curriculum Design is reserved for clients who work with me for a minimum of six days a year.

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