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Professional Learning


Customized Teacher Learning

During my Professional Learning Workshops, I use a variety of visual supports to help leaders and teachers learn best practices in planning and instruction for language learners. My professional learning days follow the workshop model where I model instructional strategies, guide teachers in practicing, and then release teachers to apply the new skill set independently while I coach teachers one-on-one or in small groups.


Interactive Read Aloud

  • Understand the flow of a read aloud

  • Choose a focus

  • Formulate questions and answer stems

  • Identify productive language


Shared Reading

  • Identify the class mean reading level

  • Select resources

  • Determine which strategies to teach

  • Plan for modeling and guided practice


Word Work

  • Understand the components of Word Work

  • Assess word work

  • Embed instruction in the context

  • Teach explicitly  


Thematic Guided Reading

  • Adapt Running Records

  • Analyze texts

  • Plan thematic guided reading


Project-Based Learning and Writing

  • Create a purpose for a project

  • Produce a mentor piece

  • Determine which strategies to teach

  • Plan language goals

Team Teaching in Dual Language Immersion

  • Follow a 10-step collaboration plan   


Intentional Planning for Content and Language

  • Solidify understanding of standards

  • Understand the difference between a standard, a skill and a strategy

  • Formulate content objectives and language objectives


A Scaffolded Lesson Delivery

  • Deconstruct the architecture of the workshop model

  • Know what modeling sounds like and looks like

  • Explore multiple ways to support students during guided practice


Focus on Productive Language

  • Pair students effectively

  • Prepare for turn and talks

  • Increase social language

  • Create visual supports


Math in the Second Language

  • Follow the workshop approach  

  • Create math dialogue charts

  • Teach problem-solving strategically

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